Summer Clinics

Clinics can be purchased thru our Self-Service site: MemberMe+
Individual Clinic cost:  $45
"Clinic 10-Pack" (pick & choose):   $400
Valid for 60 days after purchase. You can book sessions that are convenient for you.
Updated schedules for the summer. Clinic and Drill sessions can be booked now for June 1 - July 31.
Our Summer Clinics offer skills of all varieties. Our elite coaches work with players to make sure they:
  • Protect themselves from being checked, while also delivering hard-hitting checks.
  • Learn to protect the puck, controlling the flow of the game.
  • Maintain control of the puck at all speeds. Majority of players cannot control the puck while skating at full speed. In fact, very few ever can.
  • Shoot from any angle. Technique matters, and practice opens doors - or rather, scoring lanes.
Age Groups:
U8, U10-U12, U13+, Girls U10-U12, Girls U13+