Clinics can be purchased thru our Self-Service site: MemberMe+
Individual Clinic cost:  $45
"Clinic 10-Pack" (pick & choose):   $400
*Clinic packages are v
alid for 60 days from the date of purchase. Sessions can be booked 3 hours prior to a clinic but must be cancelled at least 72 before the session time. Any cancellations after the 72-hour window are forfeited. 
Our Clinics offer skills of all varieties. Ice Barn's elite coaches work with players to make sure they:
  • Protect themselves from being checked, while also delivering hard-hitting checks.
  • Learn to protect the puck, controlling the flow of the game.
  • Maintain control of the puck at all speeds. Majority of players cannot control the puck while skating at full speed. In fact, very few ever can.
  • Shoot from any angle. Technique matters, and practice opens doors - or rather, scoring lanes.
Age Groups:
U8, U10-U12, U13+, Girls U10-U12, Girls U13+