What is the Best Way for My Player to Train? A Guide for Parents.

At Ice Barn, we are often asked “What is the best way for my player to train?”, or we get questions like, “why doesn’t my player work on (insert the skill) in their practices?”

Part of what helping to build a better athlete requires is a more scientific approach to skill acquisition and athletic development. At Ice Barn, we are constantly look at best practices of the top athletes in our sport, and of how the top minds in the sporting world are teaching.

In order to help you - the parents - understand how best for your child to grow, learn, improve and have fun, we want to share the Long-term athlete development model (LTAD) that is being used by the best sports governing bodies at the highest levels. There is much more information about this - but this piece from the Canadian National Coaching Certification program is very well done, and concise.

Take a look, and if you have comments or questions - we’d love to hear them!

LTAD for parents
Download PDF • 867KB

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