What are some of the important "unsaid" things coaches are looking for - How to tryout #1

I’m asked a lot, “how can my child make the team (or get noticed, etc)?”

With that in mind, and the fact that tryouts are coming up soon, I decided I’m going to share some thoughts in a series for parents, and players so you can gain a better understanding of what coaches are really looking for.

First off - it IS about production. That’s obvious, but BEYOND that - there are intangibles that a player needs to display.

It’s cliche to say “be a good teammate”, or “be good in practice” - as a coach - I’m often asked about those qualities in a player by coaches at a high level of the players I’ve worked with, or had on my teams.

So what does it mean exactly?

Here’s a great clip by a GREAT College Coach, (regardless of the fact he’s t

lking about basketball) Geno Auriemma, who is a Hall of Fame coach in his sport - where he lays it out perfectly what ELSE he’s looking for in his athletes.

Take a look, and if you have comments, let’s discuss….

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