Performance hockey has arrived in Indiana.

Ice Barn is a cutting-edge developmental training facility for aspiring hockey athletes, from ages 8 to Adult. Our expert professional coaches develop well-rounded, high-performance athletes on and off the ice, prepare them for elite competition.

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What's New at Ice Barn?

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Optimized for learning and development.

Our facility is designed for an optimal learning environment. Our rink is ¾ the size of a regulation NHL rink - perfect for coaching and building effective communication, drills, and small games, and comes equipped with a 4K camera setup for immediate skill analysis as well as live-streaming of games.


The first of its kind

Ice Barn Indy is launching the first-ever hockey academy in the state of Indiana, home to an untapped pool of hockey talent. At its core, Ice Barn gives players a well-rounded skill set; technical and positional skills, hockey IQ, strength and conditioning, as well as speed and agility on the ice. As our athletes develop, the academy will provide elite-level competition, as well as pathways to collegiate, semi-professional, and professional opportunities.

Ice Barn is an all-inclusive academy that develops hockey athletes from age 8, to college and beyond. We break down the fundamental aspects of the game with a team of seasoned, professional coaches, as well as state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. Whether you’re just starting to explore the sport of hockey, or you are pursuing the highest levels of competition, Ice Barn will develop and hone your skills in a fun, competitive, and high-performance environment.

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