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Goalie Camp

August 21st




Ready to kick off the Summer Dust?

Does your goalie want to be the best? Or has your goalie gotten a bit relaxed?

Ice Barn Goalie Camp is designed to help your player have their best season yet!
If you want to stop more pucks (and be the reason your team wins more games), sign up today!
On August 21st from 9:00am-2:50pm sign up to change your season!

*Sessions for ALL AGES!

2 On-Ice Sessions!

*Shooters must be 13 and up!

Details below

2-hour morning ice session

Working on:

  • Skating - Moving more efficiently in the crease

  • Save Selections - What save selections to use in what situations
  • Recovery - where and how to move after making the save

Video breakdown of NHL goalies!

Learn how  and why the pros do what they do!

  • Understanding different styles and why each goalie plays that way

  • View NHL mistakes and learn why they happen

  • Seeing the save selections, recoveries, and skating techniques learned on the ice

In the second on-ice session your player will work on:

  • Put into practice save selections learned
  • Stopping a lot of shots
  • Getting in shape for the season

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Limited space

Sign-up below!

Registrations close on August 18th!

(shooters are only attending the SECOND ON-ICE SESSION!)


Meet Ice Barn's Premier Goalie Coach!


Nick Johnsen, Ice Barn’s Goalie Coach, played goalie at the collegiate level and has experience working for the best goalie coach in the NHL, Mitch Korn of the NY Islanders. For the past three summers, Johnsen, a native of St. Charles, Missouri, has been a Lead Instructor for Mitch Korn’s personal goalie camps. Coach Nick uses this experience and professional training to work with our goalies at Ice Barn. Enroll in Ice Barn's goalie programs to get your goalie up to speed with our premier-level training.

Coach Nick