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State of the art. Built for elite training.

Our professional-grade rink in Westfield, Indiana, is designed around the concept of 3v3 competition, with a reduced rink size to maximize puck touches. as well as the connection between players and coaches. It includes regulation markings and even the ability to live-stream competition. We are built for elite hockey training.

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  • 3v3 Ice rink with regulation markings

  • 4K Camera platform for instant skills review and live-streaming

  • Custom flat-bottom v skate sharpening;

  • Skate repair

Our Unique Facility

  • Grand Park Proximity

  • Multiple hotels, and numerous restaurants, and fast food, including healthy choice shops.

  • Close to service station

  • Adjacent to Monon Trail (recreational pathway, rail to trail, connects Westfield to Indianapolis, 22 miles of safe, secure trail - can be used to training (run, bike, rollerblade)

  • Ease of access from any direction. Located at the junction of US31 and Indiana 32

  • Minutes from 3 different major medical and rehab facilities

We picked this location so parents can have ease of access in/out, as well as being time-sensitive so that kids can be dropped off to train, while adults can easily  shop or have a comfortable place to eat/relax during training sessions. 


We believe our community needed a “jumpstart” to hockey development opportunities, this includes: 

  • More available ice time, year-round.

  • Cutting edge instruction, including bringing in world-class instructors from outside Indy. 

  • 3v3 game play means more puck touches, more direct feedback on skill development. 3v3 and smaller ice means the skills you learn in practice you can put into use immediately. Players learn when and how to use their skills in a fast-paced compressed space. This “super-charges” development, and dramatically increases the rate at which players improve. 

  • 3v3 mimicks “pond hockey” development. Playing in unstructured environments creates unique and valuable skills that are difficult to teach. This unstructured environment has been sacrificed in  current development programs.