Morning Defense Clinics

  • Thursday                                          6:30am, and 7:15am

  • Cost:                                                  $35 per session

  • Duration:                                          45 minutes

  • Discounts:                                        Package discounts available

Defensemen in hockey are unique players and must understand all concepts of hockey.  Our teachings of the fundamentals to becoming a great New Age Defenseman will include forward/backward skating, puck skills, positioning, gap control, defending the net, offensive zone play, rushing the puck, hockey sense, and communication.  Players will understand terms like stick on puck, heels to net, head on swivel, and one pass & out.


Morning Defense Small Group Training works with 5-12 athletes, meeting for 45 minutes in a dedicated/progressive program that pays off in accelerated skill development.  

Morning Defense Small Groups meet Thursday at 6:30am, and 7:15am at Ice Barn Indy. 


Bernie John