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Power Skating Clinic

Wednesday/Friday @ 4-4:50p

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All Ages

Power Skating Clinic                                       Wednesday/Friday                                   4-4:50pm  

Puck Skills Clinics                                             Monday through Friday                           2-2:50pm

                                                                             Tuesday/Thursday                                    1-1:50pm

Goalie Clinic - Mid Day                                   Monday/Wednesday/Friday                 1-1:50pm



Ages 8 & Under

Shooting Clinic Ages 8 & under                    Tuesday                                                       3:45-4:30pm

Stick Handling Clinic Ages 8 & under          Tuesday                                                       7:15-8am

Puck Skills Clinic Ages 8 & under                  Wednesday                                                7:15-8am

Skating Clinic Ages 8 & under                       Thursday                                                      7:15-8am


Ages 9+

Breakfast Club - Ages 9+                                Monday through Friday                            6:30-7:15am

Stick Handling Clinic - Ages 9+                     Monday/Tuesday                                      3-3:45pm

Shooting Clinic Ages 9+                                  Monday/Friday                                          7:15-8am

                                                                              Monday/Thursday                                    3:45-4:30pm 

Defenseman Clinic  - Ages 9+                       Wednesday/Friday                                   3-3:50pm  

Defenseman Clinic  - AAA/Gold                  Thursday                                                      3-3:50pm



Adults Only

Adult Skills Clinic                                             Monday through Friday                              11-11:50am

Adult Drop in 3v3                                            Monday through Friday                              12-12:50pm



Price: $45 per individual session

Package discounts and memberships available here


Ice Barn clinics are small-group, high intensity training sessions led by our experienced instructors.  Each session is limited in capacity.  All clinics are coed (girls and boys), and unless otherwise noted, open to all age groups and skill sets.

Sessions are available as single enrollment options or package purchases.  Once purchased, you are free to enroll in individual clinics based on your schedule availability. 

All players should wear all hockey equipment at all clinics.