Put the competition on ice. Gain an edge. Go pro.

The Ice Barn Indy Academy develops well-rounded hockey athletes in a cutting edge environment and brand new facility. The academy even provides pathways for high-performance athletes looking to take their game to new heights, including collegiate and professional competition.

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An elite hockey training experience that accelerates skill development

The Ice Barn’s Training program develops the whole athlete and will accelerate hockey performance. On-ice training will improve individual hockey skills, on-ice game awareness, competition skills, and mental toughness. Off-ice training program develops speed, explosiveness, strength, and athleticism.

When it comes to hockey, we emphasize detailed daily training exercises designed to develop crucial hockey playing skills: skating, puck handling, passing, shooting, hockey IQ and gameplay concepts. Our innovative training curriculum also encourages students to engage in rapid critical-thinking exercises and continuously improve their physical stamina.


Our Unique Facility

The Ice Barn features a unique hockey rink in that it is two thirds the size of a regular ice sheet found in a typical rink setting. With the smaller ice dimensions at the Ice Barn, players will expedite the development of their all around hockey skills in the following ways:


  • Players will handle the puck more, which in a competitive small rink environment develops better fundamental skills and a better understanding of the game.

  • Players will develop faster read and react skills with and without the puck. The game is faster, which forces you to learn to “Think fast and play fast.”

  • Players will develop quickness, lateral movement and transitional skating on the smaller ice surface.

  • Players will develop and improve their shooting and passing skills due to the much higher tempo, up and down game. Our rink size generates more scoring opportunities for both teams.

  • Players will be developing their skills and having fun in a different and unique environment. Youth hockey should not be a job; players should have fun playing hockey. 

  • Players are playing in a much less structured 3 on 3 hockey game. This enables them to try new things, not be coached, and ultimately play pond hockey.

  • Goalies will face significantly more shots from all areas of the ice. With the abundance of scoring chances 3-On-3 games create, goalies will face 50-60 shots per game!

  • Ice Barn founders believe that players from all ages and skill levels that participate in our built-to-play-fast Ice Barn facility will develop a strong fundamental skill set and have fun in the process!

  • Ice Barn Academy coaches provide 1 on 1 instructional opportunities; given the unique size of the rink and acoustics of the building, coaches can easily communicate with players.

  • Our Academy focuses each day on individual skill development and a commitment to individualized instructional support.



  • 2-50 minute ice sessions daily with Academy instructors

  • Video teaching session 2 x week (individual and team video)

  • Off-ice stretching (stay healthy!)

  • Mental Skills training session weekly 

  • Shooting skills training (during goalie sessions)