Friday Night Lights 3v3

Each Friday we host:

Mite (5pm)                                        Mite Team Sign Up                      Mite Player Sign Up

Squirt (6pm)                                     Squirt Team Sign Up                   Squirt Player Sign Up

Pee Wee (7pm)                                Pee Wee Team Sign Up             Pee Wee Player Sign Up

Bantam (8pm)                                 Bantam Team Sign Up                Bantam Player Sign Up

Adult/High School (9pm)             Adult/HS Team Sign Up            Adult/HS Team Sign Up

Each Friday we host our version of Pond Hockey.  Pick up games designed to 

maximize fun with teammates and friends.

We encourage team sign up, which permits 2 teams of 9 skaters and 1 goalie.  Organizers/coaches are responsible for reserving and paying for the games.

We will do our best to facilitate drop-in single player enrollment (not part of a team sign up).  Team enrollment takes priority, but we will welcome you to join us if space permits.  If we do not have space, your fees will be credited back to you.