League Game Play

The real emphasis of 3v3 games is to get out of the kids' way and let them play and have fun, all the while learning critical game skills in the process.  Coaching during 3v3 games is strongly discouraged.  The smaller ice surfaces create a much faster paced game and gives the players more opportunities with the puck.  Decisions must be made quickly, forcing the athlete to think and react at an accelerated pace.  Goalies are not exempt from the increased speed of the game, seeing 50-70 shots per game.  3v3 at Ice Barn is a fun way for the athletes to explore and improve their game all on their own!

3v3 Frequently Asked Questions


  • Are there special rules? Yes. The intent of the 3v3 leagues is to have as much continuous play as possible with as little rules and stoppage play as reasonably possible.

  • Will there be offsides? There are no offsides in the 3v3 leagues or tournaments.

  • Is checking allowed?  No, not at any age group.

  • What division should my team or child play in? All the 3v3 league divisions are age specific. Please view the requirements before registering an individual or team. We are enforcing this rule to make sure the league is competitive at all levels.

  • How many players per team? Each team needs to roster a minimum of 9 skaters plus 1 goalie.


  • Will the goalies be used? Yes, and they are required in order to field a team. Each team is required to have 1 goalie with an option of a 2nd at all levels. 

  • What is the format for each game? Each 3v3 game is 40 minutes running time for all levels. 

  • How long are the shifts? All first year, intermediate, 8U and upper mites will have sixty (60) second shifts. All squirts,10U, peewees, bantams and above will change on the fly.

  • Do we need coaches/parents on the bench? Yes. All teams will be required to have at least one coach/parent on the bench.




Our specialized rink size leads to more puck touches, skating reps, stickhandling/shooting reps and creativity/scoring opportunities all at a higher game speed.

Our unique formula creates the Midwest’s best skill development tool for players of all ages, both girls and boys.

Countless 3v3 hockey players have graduated onto success at every level of hockey. From association hockey to high school, collegiate and pro careers, it’s been proven that the small ice 3v3 hockey method will help develop your son or daughter’s skill set 10 times faster than on a regulation rink. 


Here’s How:

  • Beginning players never feel like they’re out of the play thus will be engaged in the play at all times.

  • Players will handle the puck more, which in a competitive small-rink environment is going to expedite the development of their stickhandling/shooting  skills. 

  • Players will quickly develop better hockey sense and their overall skills & fundamental due to the high-tempo, up-and-down game style that forces players to work on all skill sets each shift.

  • Players will develop their overall skating fundamentals such as quickness, turns, stops and any other transitional movements due to the higher paced play on smaller ice surface and condensed play.

  • Players will develop faster read-and-react skills with and without the puck. The game is faster, which forces you to learn to “think fast and play fast.”

  • Players will learn how to think ahead and get away from traffic on a small window of ice.

  • Goalies will face increased amounts of shots from all areas. With the abundance of scoring chances the 3v3 games create, the goalies are forced to make 50-70 saves per game.