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2020 Ice Barn Indy 3v3 Friday Night Lights

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3v3 Ice Barn Indy Friday Night Game and League Play and Rules






Team Make Up:

Each Team will need to roster a 9 skaters and 1 goalie. Every player must have a waiver form signed and on file with the Ice Barn Indy.  

Each team must supply one goalie per game. 

Each team is required to have at least 1 parent/coach and no more the 2 parents/coaches on the bench to help supervise the team.  Please remember 'No Coaching', just Encouragement!

*(Adult Leagues do NOT require coaches)

Game Time:

Every game is 50 minutes running time. Teams will need to be on time and ready to go when the score clock starts.

Line Changes:

For all Mite and 8U games, a parent/supervisor on the bench will sound the buzzer every one (1) minute for a line change. New players from each team will come onto the ice for a 1 for 1 change. A one-time warning will be assessed and the second violation will result in a penalty if the players are going onto the ice before the other players are off the ice. This will also occur if players are coming to the bench early to gain the advantage of sending out new players right away.

When the buzzer sounds for a shift change at Mite AA, Mite AAA, and 8U players must leave the puck where it is on the ice rink. They cannot shoot the puck down into their offensive zone. If a player does shoot the puck into their offensive zone the referee will the team a warning. If a player from the same team does it a second time, the referee will give the opposing team a penalty shot to start the next shift. Penalty shots will continue for every offense of this rule if a team continues to shoot the puck into their offensive zone after the buzzer.

For all other players (Squirts/10U, PeeWees/12U, Bantams and above) players will change on the fly. If at any time there are more than 3 players on the ice a penalty will be assessed, unless the goalie has been pulled, then 4 players are allowed.

After a Goal is Scored:

When a team scores a goal ALL three players from the scoring team must leave the zone and tag up on the opposing blue line before attacking the opposition. All three players must be tagged up before any attacking player enters the zone.

Puck Frozen by a Goaltender:

The offensive team must leave the defending teams zone and tag up on the opposing blue line before attacking the opposition.

Each attacking player can tag up independently, it's not the same as all 3 having to leave the zone and wait for all team members to clear the zone as if a goal was scored.

Any player that does not tag up is ineligible to play the puck until the puck leaves the zone or the player leaves the zone.

Goaltenders will only be allowed to cover the puck within the 2 faceoff dots and below.

High Stick/Hand Pass:

Unless a high stick or hand pass leads to an immediate goal, play will continue.

Puck Out of Play:

If the puck leaves the ice but is kept in the rink by the safety netting, the puck shall be played live. IF the puck goes all the way over the netting/boards or into the bench, there shall be a face-off at center ice or the nearest face-off dot.


The Ice Barn Indy is a NO-CHECKING league. This rule will be strictly ENFORCED. The Ice Barn Indy 3 on 3 Leagues, Friday Day Night Lights and Tournaments follow USA Hockey rules regarding the type of penalties that are assessed. The player committing the penalty will have to leave the ice for 1 full shift, the exception is the Mite level, the players doesn't have to leave the ice due to 1 minute shifts.

When a penalty occurs, a penalty shot shall be awarded. All players must line up at the far blue line and cannot leave until the shooter touches the puck.  It is acceptable for the shooter to pass the puck or be caught by the defender.  Once the shot occurs, if the player scores, refer to the “After scoring a Goal” rule. If the player did not score, the puck will be played live, and the player who shot the puck cannot shot again until another player plays the puck.


Mite AAA, Mite AA, and 8U Leagues have a 10 goal rule.  The scoreboard cannot show a difference of more than 10 goals during all games including playoffs.

Severe Penalties:

Severe penalties are as follows: Checking from behind, Fighting, Roughing and if the on-ice official believes there has been any type of severe misconduct on behalf of any player.

If a player receives a severe penalty, or two (2) roughing penalties, the player will be immediately ejected from the game. It is the on-ice official’s decision if further disciplinary action needs to be taken.

Coach/Parent Bench Behavior:

Any disrespect toward the official, obscene language or continued abuse of the staff shall result in a game ejection. Ejections will be reviewed by the Ice Barn Indy Director for any further action to be taken.

Rescheduling a Game:

There are NO game changes, rescheduling or make-ups allowed. The schedule is set for the entire Spring-Fall-Winter Sessions. In case of an unscheduled rink maintenance problem, we will make-up any lost games to fulfill a full schedule for ALL teams.

All team coordinators will be required to notify the league director within at least 24 hours of the scheduled game if his/her team will not be attending a game. If a TEAM does not show up for a game, the ice will be given to the team that will be there. Team coordinators that fail to follow these rules will be fined $375.00.

 Playoff Rules:

Only paying (at least half of the individual player rate) rostered players are eligible for playoff games.  No skating player subs are allowed to play in playoff games.

If your team needs a goalie sub, the team coordinator will work with the League Director to find a sub goalie.  At Mite AA, 8U, and Mite AAA levels you will need to dress a rostered player to play goalie.

Ice Barn Indy

Ice Barn Indy is the home to 3v3 ice hockey in Indiana.

The Barn is a unique 120x60 sheet of refrigerated ice, which is an advantage to those who train on it. Younger players  and adults are built very differently, and in sports, it has been proven that training on smaller fields promotes player development at a rate much faster than training on a full size ice sheet.

The 120x60 size allows for honing of skills such as 3v3 competition, interaction, puck touches, instantaneous decision-making, and unstructured play. Just because the rink size changes, doesn’t mean the game does.  More puck time, edge work and quicker feet are essential to taking your game to  a higher level. 

A 120x60 rink means more puck time, more puck-touches, more decision-making, all of which have the effect of forcing the player to become better, faster. All of these advantages build more confidence in the player.

The 120x60 rink also allows for coaches to see exactly what each player is doing at all times. This aids in coaching and allows for your player to get greater individual feedback and attention. 

Chris LaCombe

Ice Barn Indy